Julia and Hans Rausing at The Black Sea MAP expedition

For the past three years, an international team of maritime archaeologists, scientists and marine surveyors, have been searching the sea-bed of the Black Sea in order to better understand the impact of prehistoric sea level change.

Using the very latest technology, previously only typically made available to oil, gas and renewable energy companies, The Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (Black Sea MAP) surveyed over 2000sqkm of the seabed and what they uncovered is astonishing.

Over 60 shipwrecks, varying in age from a 17th century Cossack raiding fleet, through Roman trading vessels complete with amphorae to a complete ship from the Classical period, were found across the 3 year period.

As a crucial part of the project, Black Sea Films have made a documentary which will be premiering at the British Museum on October 23rd 2018.  This two hour documentary aims to be shown around the world.

The Black Sea MAP project was conceived by Hans K Rausing who established the Expedition and Education Foundation to commission the project. The Foundation’s work is funded by The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust.

For more information please visit www.blackseamap.com